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Criminal Conduct

Every year, thousands of immigrantsare placed under removal proceedings because of criminal convictions. Some of these were minor and many may have been committed many years ago, but this does not necessarily protect them from removal. Some of these offenses are classified as aggravated felonies (even though they are not "aggravated" or "felonies"); other crimes are called crimes of moral turpitude. The immigration consequences of criminal conduct, whether or not there is a conviction, may be deportation.

In Padilla v. Kentucky, the Supreme Court of the United States held that it is the duty of criminal attorneys to advise immigrant defendants of the deportation consequences of pleading guilty or no contest to a criminal offense. Each case is unique; therefore, it is imperative to consult with an immigration attorney when dealing with criminal consequences to your immigration status.

Please see this link for information on certain crimes deemed to have immigration consequences:

Please contact us at Bhagat Law to discuss the specifics of your case and any immigration consequences of criminal conducts.

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