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P Visas are short term work visas for entertainers, athletes, and athletic teams.

P1 visas are available to athletes or athletic teams that have been internationally recognized as outstanding. Each performer who wishes to qualify for a P-1 visa must have been an integral part of the group for at least one year. This requirement may also be waived in exceptional situations, where due to illness or other unanticipated circumstances, a critical performer is unable to travel. To qualify as a P1 athlete, the person or team must have an internationally recognized reputation in the sport. Applicants will need to demonstrate this to the immigration authorities by showing a contract with a major U.S. sports league, team, or international sporting event, and at least two of the following:

Definition of an "Entertainer"

P-1 visas are not available to individual entertainers, but only to members of groups that have an international reputation. The group must have been performing regularly for at least one year, and 75% of its members must have been performing with that group for at least a year.

When the U.S. employer files a petition on the applicant's behalf with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the employer will have to supply proof of the group's sustained international recognition, as shown by either its nomination for, or receipt of, significant international awards or prizes, or at least three of the following:

P2 visas are available to artists or entertainers who come to the U.S. to perform under a reciprocal exchange program between the U.S. and one or more other countries. All essential support personnel are included. The applicant will need to prove the legitimacy of the program by presenting a formal, written exchange agreement. The U.S. individual or group being exchanged must have skills and terms of employment comparable to the person or group coming to the United States.

P3 visas are available to artists or entertainers who come to the U.S., either individually or as part of a group, to develop, interpret, represent, teach, or coach in a program that is considered culturally unique. The program may be of either a commercial or noncommercial nature. The employer will have to submit on the applicant's behalf:

Essential support personnel of P 3 aliens should also request classification under the P-3 category. The documentation for P-3 support personnel should include:

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